« From modernity to cosmodernity: science, culture and spirituality », Basarab Nicolescu (2014)

cosmodernityBook review: Sue L. T. McGregor (Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada), from Integral Leadership Review (2015, April-June)

« Like bookends, Chapter 16 mirrors Nicolescu’s angst expressed in the Introduction about adhering to the tenets of classical science despite the power of the quantum. As he debunks classical science, he identifies the basic features of cosmodernity, which I gleaned from reading Chapter16:

  • relationships, the interaction, the interconnection of natural phenomena
  • the universe of interconnectedness, of nonseparability
  • harmony between humans and nature (includes intuition and spirituality)
  • the subtle concept of substance/energy/space-time/information (replaces concept of matter)
  • the power of discontinuity and global causality (replace continuity and local causality)
  • bridge between science and religion
  • intersubjectivity and the included third
  • a new cosmodern objectivity – the subject , the object , and their interaction
  • the cosmodern world is a vast cosmic matrix, where everything is in perpetual movement and energetic restructuring – this is what unity of the world means, the movement of energy, not matter.

I think the intellectual contribution of this book is a form of beautiful, poignant, heart stopping art. It is an intellectual pièce de résistance; it is a creation that resists and defies orthodox or common conventions and practices (i.e., modernism), thereby making the whole of the creation unique and special (cosmodernism). Take a deep breath and read it, ideally from beginning to end, but even sampling it will change your life and open intellectual doors. » Download article as PDF